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1Knowledge Level of Watershed Farmers about Agro-forestry and Silvi-pasture Practices – A Study in Karnataka(1-6)
 K. Narayanagowda1, N.R. Gangadharappa2, L. Ramakrishna Rao3 and Doddahanumaiah4 
2Farming Systems Approach For Identifying R and D Options For Enhancing Income and Sustainability in Kafa-Sheka Zone of Ethiopia(7-12)
 Shalander Kumar1, Francis Baah2, Efrain A. Pozo3, Taya Kufa4, Africa Zeleke5 and Julius Okwadi6 
3Contract Farming : Constraints and Limitations(13-18)
 J.R. Mishra1 and B.B.Singh2 
4System Interventions for Improving Water and Land Productivity of Sone Canal(19-21)
 U.S. Gautam1, S.R.K. Singh2 and D.K. Singh3 
5Impact of Public Distribution System on Traditional Food Habits of Rural People(22-25)
 K.C. Shashidhar1, A.S. Kumarswamy2 and M. Shivamurthy3 
6Exploratory Study on the Motivational Factors of Contract Farming(26-30)
 S. Arun Kumar1 and Premlata Singh2 
7Prior Informed Consent and Traditional Knowledge Systems : Equitable Benefit Share over Biocultural Diversity of Northeast India(31-38)
 Ranjay K. Singh1 
8Socio-Economic Impact of Cashew Cultivation in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu-An Overview(39-44)
9Strategic Training to the Farmers in the Crop Production(45-47)
 D.K. Singh1, U.S. Gautam2, B.S. Meena3 and Mukesh Singh4 
10Registered Organic Farmers in Conversion to Livestock Farming in Uttrakhand: Profile of Farms and Farmers(48-54)
 B. Subrahmanyeswari1 and Mahesh Chander2 
11Opinion of the Extension Personnel Regarding Different Aspects of Institutional Training Programmes(55-62)
 Ravinder Kaur1,  Daniel Temesgen2 and Manmeet Kaur3 
12Participation of Farm Women in Rice Cultivation and Their Training Needs(63-66)
 S.K. Nath¹  and  S. Chowdhury² 
13Correlates of Television Advertisement Viewing Behaviour of Rural Viewers(67-69)
 Vinod Kumar Chaturvedi1 and Premlata Singh2 
14Factors Affecting the Constraints in Inorganic and Organic Fertilizers use in Paddy Cultivation(70-74)
 Bahadur Ram1, Prakash Singh2 and B. Mishra3 
15Ralationship Between the Selected Factors and Academic Achievement of Undergraduate Students of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana(75-79)
 Khushwant Johal1, D.S. Dhillon2 and Kuldip Kumar3 
16Technology Transfer through Frontline Demonstrations on Jute(80-85)
 Rajendra R. Chapke1, S.K. Das2, S.K. Jha3 and C.R. Biswas4 
17Castor Frontline Demonstrations in Jodhpur District of Rajasthan : An Impact Study(86-91)
 M. Padmaiah1, R. Venkattakumar2, Ishwar Singh3, S.S.Solanki4 and Ch. Sarada5 
18Impact of Frontline Demonstrations on Jute(92-96)
 Rajendra R. Chapke1 
19Participation of Farm Women in Land Use Decision Making Process – A Case Study in Panubali Watershed of Nagpur District, Maharashtra(97-100)
 S.N. Goswami1, M.V. Venugopalam2, V. Ramamurthy3, R.S. Gawande4, V.P. Patil5 and A. Chaturvedi6 
20Constraints Faced by the Practicing Farmers in Adoption of Zero Tillage Technology in Punjab(101-105)
 Devinder Tiwari1, Manjit Kaur2 and R K Dhaliwal3 
21Extent of Adoption and Constraints in Boro Rice Cultivation Faced by the Farmers in Darbhanga District of Bihar(106-111)
 Satya Narayan Prasad1 and A.K. Choudhary2 
22Relative Influence of Socio-Personal Characteristics and Utilization of Fertilizer Technology in Wheat Cultivation(112-115)
 S.P. Singh1, Jogender Singh2, P.K. Tyagi3 and Rupendra Kumar4 
23Effectiveness of Farmers Field School for Integrated Pest Management in Tomato(116-119)
 S.  George1,  M.R.  Hegde2,  B.  Balakrishana3  and  Nita  Khandekar4 
24Participatory Analysis and Evaluation of IPM Practices in Tomato(120-126)
 H.S. Singh1, S.George2, V. Pandey3 and  G. Naik4 
25Improved Rice Production Technologies in Uttarakhand Hills : Inquisitiveness, Reversion, Adoption and Constraints(127-131)
 S.R.K. Singh1, U.S. Gautam2, S.K. Shukla3, D.K. Singh4 and S.K. Pandey5 
26Yield and Profitability of New Wheat Varieties in Madhya Pradesh(132-136)
 A.K.Singh1, H. N. Pandey2 and Yashwant Singh3 
27Adoption of Pigeon-Pea Production Technology in Udaipur District of Rajasthan(137-140)
 Upma Vashishtha1, F.L. Sharma2 and S.B. Vashishtha3