Membership of Indian Society of Extension Education

Membership is open to individuals and institutions actively engaged or having interest in the field of Extension Education. Any such individual or institution may become a member by paying the membership fee. Any individual having Master or Doctoral degree in any branch of Extension Education can become an ordinary or life member of the society by paying fee determined for the purpose. Any student in the University, College, Technical School or Research Institute pursuing Master or Doctoral Degree in any specialization of Extension Education may become student member of the society, which is valid for five years only. Non refundable/ non transferable Fees for the Membership of ISEE:

Life member (Indian)
 8000.00+Service Charge

Life member (Foreign)
$ 250.00+Service Charge

Ordinary Member (Annual)
3000.00+Service Charge

Student Membership (valid for five years only)
: 2000.00+Service Charge

Subscription for Indian Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 0537-1996, eISSN 2454-552X)

The Journal is published after every quarter, i.e., January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December. The subscription rates are as follows: 

Indian (annual) :
 4500.00+Service Charge(Including Postage etc.)

Single Copy :
1650.00+Service Charge(Including Postage etc.)

Foreign Annual :
$ 100.00+Service Charge(Including Postage etc.)

Single Copy (Foreign) :
$ 25.00+Service Charge(Including Postage etc.)

Article Publication Fee

Total Amount (@400/Page)+Service Charge