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1How Participatory is Participatory Irrigation Management(1-6)
 Souvik Ghosh1, P. S. Brahmanand2, K. G. Mandal3, P. Nanda4 and D. U. Patil5 
2A Pragmatic Approach to Addressing Needs of Crop and Dairy Farming System in the Peri-Urban Area(7-11)
 K. N. Ravi1, K. Ponnusamy2 and R. B. Kale3L 
3Farmers’ Perceptual Analysis on Change Dynamics of Effectiveness of Extension Agent in Agriculture(12-16)
 Anshuman Jena1  and S K Acharya2 
4Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies, Coping Behaviour and Barriers to Effective Adaptation to Current Climatic Risks: A Study on Sundarban Region(17-20)
 Shantanu Rakshit1, R. N. Padaria2 and S. Bandyopadhyay3 
5Sheep Rearing as a Profitable Enterprise: A PRA Study of Kantoli Village in Semi-arid Area of Rajasthan(21-25)
 G. L. Bagdi1, Raj Kumar2, L. R. Gurjar3, Rajiv Gulyani4 and S.M.K. Naqvi5 
6An Exploration of Usefulness of Instructional Learning Methods in Career Selection of Veterinary Graduates(26-29)
 Channappagouda, B1  and Sharma, G. R. K 2 
7Constraints in Adoption of Climate Resilient Technologies in Rainfed Agro-Ecosystem(30-34)
 Jasna V. K.1, R. Roy Burman2, R. N. Padaria3, J. P. Sharma4, Eldho Varghese5, Bidisha Chakrabarty6, N. Loganandhan7  and Sanjay Kumar8 
8Enhancing Productivity and Profitability of Tribal Farmers of Jharkhand through Institutional Linkages(35-39)
 B. K. Singh1, Ambrish Kumar Sharma2, Nishi Sharma3, R. P. Singh Ratan4, Valaria Lakra5 and Kishan Singh6 
9Partnership with Aqua Consultants – A Pragmatic Approach for an Effective Aquaculture Extension Service(40-46)
 M. Kumaran1 
10A Study of Women Empowerment: Decision Making and Participation in Farm & Household Economic Activities(47-52)
 M.L. Roy1 and K.S. Kadian2 
11Gender Analysis of Crop and Animal Husbandry Practices in Hill Agriculture(53-56)
 Ashish Singh1, N. V. Kumbhare2, Premlata Singh3, Nishi Sharma4, Neelam Patel5 and Bishal Gurung6 
12Socio-Personal and Socio-Economic Profile of Goat Owners in India(57-60)
 Rakesh Roy1 and Rupasi Tiwari2 
13Constraints in Adoption of Beekeeping as an Enterprise in Nagaland(61-64)
 A. K. Singh1, Rudra P. Singh2  and Namrata Singh3 
14Attitude of Para-veterinarians towards Training(65-68)
 A. Suresh Naik1, M. Srinivasa Reddy2, P. Raghunandan3, G. V. Bhaskar Reddy4 and Alok Bharathi5 
15Usage of ICAR e-learning Portal among Students of North East India: A Pilot Study(69-72)
 D. K. Pandey1, H. K. De2 and A. D. Upadhayay3 
16Awareness Level of Poultry Husbandry Practices by the Poultry Farmers in Imphal West District of Manipur(73-78)
 Manglemba Paonam1 and Daya Ram2 
17Impact of FLD Intervention on Yield, Adoption and Horizontal Spread of Oilseed Crops in Konkan(79-83)
 Mahesh Mahale1, Sandeep Patil2  and Ashok Chavan3 
18Empowerment Status of Sub-Marginal Women  Farmers  and Perceived Constraints in Livelihood  Security(84-88)
 Pooja Roy1, D. Shekhar2  and A. K. Singh3 
19Historical Analysis of Rural India: Contextualising Implications for Progress of Present Day Villages(89-96)
 Sangeeta Bhattacharyya1 and KuppusamyPonnusamy2 
20Relationship of Socio-economic Profile of the Turmeric Growing Farmers to their Training Need(97-100)
 Anil Kumar1, A.K. Paswan2, M. N. Ansari3 and A. K.Singh4 
21Relational Analysis of Knowledge and Adoption of Organic Farming Practices in Gujarat State(101-104)
 Rohan Sharma1, N.B. Jadav2, Sandeep Chouhan3, S.R.K. Singh4 and Tushar Athare5 
22Comparisons of Performance of Non-Governmental Organization and Gram Panchayats in Disaster Management(105-110)
 Debabrata Mondal1, Sarthak Chowdhury2 and Debabrata Basu3 
23Information Sources Used by Farmers of Bundelkhand Region(111-116)
 Sarju Narain1, Shobhana Gupta2  and Sudhir Kumar3 
24Popularization of IPM Practices for Management of Chickpea Pod Borer, through Frontline Demonstrations under Semi Arid Conditions(117-121)
 Shakti Khajuria1, A.K.Rai2,  Raj Kumar3, J.K. Jadav4 and Kanak Lata5 
25A Study on Farmwomen Training Preference on Farm Implements(122-125)
 Shobhana Gupta1 and Shilpi Verma2 
26Perception Analysis of Vegetable Experts on Setting Priority for Enhancing Efficiency of Agribusiness and Marketing in Vegetable Sector in India(126-129)
 Shubhadeep Roy1, Neeraj Singh2, Paresh Chaukhande3, Raghwendra Singh4, R. N. Prasad5 and B. Singh6 
27Field Acceptability of Improved Cotton Picking Bag on Drudgery Reduction of Farm Women(130-134)
 Kanta Sabharwa l, Urmila Devi2 and R.D. Panwar3 
28“Knowledge and Attitude of the Farmers towards Raised bed and other Improved Production Technology of Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) for Climate Resilient Agriculture(135-140)
 Abhay Kumar Singh1,  Dalbeer Singh1, Aarti Singh2, Abhishek Singh2, Mukesh Singh3 and Anjani Kumar3 
29Utilization Pattern of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) among Farmers of District Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh(141-146)
 Yagya Dev Mishra1  and Reeta Mishra2 
30Adaptability and Productivity of Forage Crop under Hortipastoral System(147-152)
 Kundan Singh1,  Mukesh Singh1, Atul Singh2, Anuj Kumar Singh2 and A. K. Singh3 
31Adoption of Improved Late Sown Mustard Cultivation Practices in Bihar(153-156)
 Sunita Kushwah1  , Sushil Kumar2 and A. K.Singh3 
32A Test to Measure the Knowledge of Farmers about Rapeseed Mustard Cultivation.(157-159)
 Rakesh Kumar1, P. S. Slathia2, Rajinder Peshin3, S. K. Gupta4 and M. S. Nain5 
33Adoption of Dairy Farming Technologies by the Farmers of Nagaur District of Rajasthan(160-163)
 Kumawat, S. R.1 and Verma, M. P.2 
34Extent of Adaptability of Modern Agricultural Technologies  by Rural Women at Samastipur District of Bihar(164-166)
 Arunima Kumari1 and Pooja Kumari2 
35Yield Gap Analysis of Toria (Brassica campestris) through Front Line Demonstrations in Kandhamal District of Odisha(167-170)
 D. V. Singh1, S. K. Mukhi2  and M. R. Mohapatra3 
36Role and Status of Antecedent Characteristics of Dairy Farmers in Quality Milk Production(171-176)
 Vikram Singh1, Jancy Gupta2  and M S Nain3 
37An Innovative Extension Model for Integrated Rural Development: A Case of Samaj Shilpi Dampati Scheme(177-182)
 B. L. Manjunatha1, D. U. M. Rao2 and Rashmi Singh3 
38Scientific Knowledge about Poultry Broiler Farming in Barabanki District of Uttar Pradesh(183-187)
 Jitendra Pratap1, M. P. Sagar2, Mahesh Chander3, N. K. Khyalia 4 and A. K. Chaturvedani5 
39Effect of Internet Utilization on Overall Performance of Agricultural Research Scholars of M. P. University of Agriculture & Technology, Rajasthan(188-191)
 L. R. Choudhary1, B. S. Bhimawat2  and H. K. Jain3 
40Role of Voluntary Organizations in Promoting House Hold Livelihoods(192-195)
 Deepmala Singh1, Prahalad Mishra2  and D.K. Singh3