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1Farmers’ Attitudes Towards Cultivating Hybrid Rice  in Bangladesh(1-8)
 Md Mofakhrul Islam Shah 1 ,Will J Grant2 and  Sue Stocklmayer A M3 
2Farmers’ Attitude Towards e-Agriculture in Bangladesh(9-14)
 Md. Rafiquel Islam1  and Sheikh Mohammed Mamur Rashid2 
3Estimation of Peoples’ Perception on Climate Change Effect on Agriculture: A Participatory and Socio-personal Analysis(15-19)
 A Jena1  and S K Acharya2 
4Vulnerability Assessment of Coastal Fisher Households in Tamil Nadu, India: A Climate Change Perspective(20-26)
 Johnson, B 1, Shyam S. Salim2 , V. Kripa3, P. U. Zachariah4, P. S. Swathilekshmi5 and A. K. Abdul Nazar6 
5Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth of Farmers in Manipur(27-30)
 N. Muhindro Singh1, N. Savino2, M. Dhaneswar Singh3, Hemant Kumar4 and A. Ameeta Devi5 
6Dynamics and Effectiveness of SHGs in Chhattisgarh(31-37)
 Banshi Lal Sahu1  and Souvik Ghosh2 
7Awareness Regarding Occupational Health Hazards and Risks of Zoonoses Associated with Livestock Rearing Among Male and Female Workers in Uttar Pradesh(38-44)
 Hema Tripathi1, B N Tripathi2, Janmoni Shyam3 and BL Balaraju4 
8Elected Women Panchayat Samiti: An Structural Arrangement for Farm Women Empowerment in India(45-51)
 Anuradha Ranjan Kumari1, S. K. Dubey2  and US Gautam3 
9Extent of Knowledge of Fish Farmers About Scientific Fish Culture Practices in North 24 Parganas of West Bengal, India(52-55)
 B. Goswami1, S. B. Mukhopadhyay2  and S.S. Dana3 
10Effectiveness of Grass-root Level Unit in Extension Delivery Services in Karnataka(56-60)
 A. Dympep1  and S. S.Dolli2 
11Farmers Perception About Salt Tolerant Wheat Varieties in Saline Areas of Gujarat(61-64)
 Vinayak Ramesh Nikam1, Anil Chinchmalatpure2  and Sanjay Kad3 
12Knowledge Level of Silkworm Rearers of Jammu Division of Jammu and Kashmir State(65-68)
 Lyaqet Ali1, S. K .Kher2, P. S. Slathia3, R.K.Bali4, Manish Kumar5 and  P. Bakshi6 
13Problems and Prospects of Organic Farming in Samastipur District, Bihar, India(69-72)
 Mani Bhushan1, Aditya2 and Tapan Mandal3 
14Impact of Nutrition Education to Rural Women for Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia through Dietary Approach(73-78)
 Anamika Singh1, Kiran Bains2 and Renuka Aggarwal3 
15Extent of Knowledge of ATMA Beneficiaries and Non-beneficiaries Farmers towards Improved Wheat Cultivation Technology(79-82)
 Arun Kumar1 and Dipak De2 
16Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Dairy Farmers of Jammu Region(83-86)
 Jasbir Singh Manhas1, Nafees Ahmad2 and P.S. Slathia3 
17Identification of Constraints in Adoption of Improved Dairy Farming Practices in Bundi District of Rajasthan(87-90)
 B. L. Dhaka1  and G. S. Meena2 
18Role performance of Village Panchayat in the field of Agricultural Development and Village welfare in Unnao District of Uttar Pradesh(91-94)
 Ritesh Dube1, O. P. Yadav2, Sheelesh Kumar3, and Amit Kumar Singh4 
19Role Perception of Village Panchayat Pradhan in Manipur(95-97)
 A.Tarajit. Singh1, D.K. Bose2  and R.K. Imotomba3 
20Scale to Measure the Utilization of Farm Implements by the Farmers(98-101)
 Patil S.D.1 and S. B. Shinde2 
21Communication Behaviour of Women Vegetable Growers of Nainital District of Uttarakhand(102-105)
 Deepika Verma1 
22Constraints Faced by Deoni Cattle Rearers and Non-descriptive Cattle Rearers in the Adoption of Management Practices(106-110)
 B. L. Pisure1, Deshmukh P. R 2 and Thombre B. M 3 
23Extent of Awareness Regarding Natural Resource Management Among Rural Women in Shahdol District of M.P.(111-113)
 Uttam Singh Bagri1,   Kinjulck C Singh2 and C J Singh3 
24Critical Analysis of Information Sources and Channels Preferred by Vegetable Growers of Haryana.(114-116)
 Sachin Gondkar1, Pooja Chaudhari2  , Vister Joshi3 and  R. S. Hudda 4 
25Productivity and Economics of Improved Interventions in Existing Farming System Modules of Punjab(117-120)
 Rajni1, Satpal Singh2  and S S Walia3 
26Knowledge and Adoption of Bt Cotton Cultivation Practices(121-123)
 H. D. Rajput1  and Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure2