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Sr.No. Author/Title Page_No.
1 Mainstreaming Women Farmers to Agricultural Extension Services in India: Perception of Extension Personnel (1-7)
Uma Sah1, Shantanu Kumar Dubey2, S. K. Singh3, Rajesh Kumar4, Deepak Singh5 and Radha Krishna6
2 Assessing Information Need of the Stakeholders on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Grapes (8-12)
Sukanya Som1, R. Roy Burman2, J. P. Sharma3, V. Sangeetha4, V. Lenin5 and M. A. Iquebal6
3 Realizing Farmer’s Objectives – Imperative to Adoption Process of Fish Farming Technology (13-19)
Biswarup Saha1
4 Community Radio: Preferences, Opinion and Listening Behaviour of Farmers (20-24)
N. V. Kumbhare1, R. N. Padaria2, Premlata Singh3, Anjani Kumar4 and Sujit Sarkar5
5 Impact Assessment of Video-based Information Dissemination in Agriculture: A Case of Digital Green Initiative (25-28)
Shafi Afroz1, Rashmi Singh2, R. R. Burman3, Sangeetha V.4 and Rajender Prasad5
6 Role of KVKs in Strengthening Livelihood Security of Resource Poor Farm Families of Rural India (29-33)
Sujit K Nath1  and H K De2
7 Socio-Psychological Drivers of Livelihood Diversification in Lakshadweep (34-39)
Anshida Beevi1, Monika Wason2, R. N. Padaria3, N.V. Kumbhare4 and Eldho Varghese5
8 Socio-economic Empowerment of Rural Women Through Rural Tourism Projects in Jammu Region of J&K State in India. (40-43)
P. S. Slathia1, N. Paul2  and M. S. Nain3
9 Perception of Agricultural Students and Agro-professionals towards Agricultural Education and Skill Development in India: Connect and Disconnect (44-48)
Girijesh Singh Mahra1, V.P. Sharma2, V. Lenin3, Satyapriya4 and Sujit Sarkar5
10 Application and Performance of Google Forms for Online Data Collection and Analysis: A Case of North Eastern Region of India (49-53)
Amol K. Bhalerao1
11 Impact of Nutrition Education on Knowledge of Rural Women (54-57)
Anuradha Ranjan Kumari1, Basanti Kumari2 and Laxmikant3
12 Adoption of Improved Technologies Among Nagpur Mandarin Growers in Vidarbha (58-61)
Vinod Anavrat1
13 Role of Decision Making Process of Farm Women Regarding Vegetable Operation (62-65)
D.K. Singh1, Pramod Singh Thakur2   Deepmala Singh3  and Anjani Kumar 4
14 Training Needs of Vegetable Growers in Jaunpur District of Uttar Pradesh (66-70)
S.P. Sonkar1 and O.P. Mishra2
15 Constraints Experienced by Teachers in Utilization of Educational Technology: A Study in State Agricultural University (71-74)
Shantanu Rakshit1  and Gyanendra Sharma2
16 Need Assessment of Women Dairy Farmers (75-80)
Saroj Kumari1, Nishi Sethi2, Joginder Singh Malik3 and Vikram Yogi4
17 Constraints Analysis of Village Panchayat Members in Their Job Performance in Banaskantha District of Gujarat State (81-85)
Kuldeep Singh 1, R. R. Prajapati2  and M.R. Prajapati3
18 Utilization of Information Sources by SRI growers (86-89)
Meenakshi Gabhane ¹,  M. K. Dubey ² D. K. Singh3  and Anjani Kumar4
19 Impact Assessment of Trainings on Rural Women for Value Added Pearl Millet Products (90-93)
Preeti Malik1, SK Varma2  and Vinita Jain3
20 Empowerment of Milk Producers in Dairy Co-operative Societies Through Information Technology in Jaipur District of Rajasthan (94-100)
P. K. Shringi1, I. M. Khan2 and H. L. Verma3
21 Diffusion and Adoption of Livestock Deworming Technology in Different Agro-climatic Regions of India (101-103)
Mahesh Chander1, H R Meena2, Hema Tripathi3, Sanjay Kumar4, R S Rathore5, P S Banerji6, K. Pachaiyappan7and Prakashkumar Rathod8
22 Technological Constraints Perceived by Dairy Entrepreneurs (104-107)
Navab Singh1, F. L. Sharma2, J. L. Chaudhary3 and S. D. Dhakar4
23 Knowledge level of Farmers about Improved Rice Cultivation Technology (108-111)
Dwarka Prasad1, L. S. Bareth2, Hemant Kumar Jhingoniya3, Amit Kumar Keshri4 and Suman Sharma5
24 Adoption Pattern of Solar Cooker in different Agro- ecological Situations of District Ropar (Punjab) (112-116)
Purva Jaggi1  and Harinder Singh2
25 Job Commitment among Agriculture Development Officers and Horticulture Development Officers of Punjab (117-120)
Varinder Singh1  and Prabhjot Kaur2
26 Adoption of System of Rice Intensification(SRI) in Kerala (121-124)
B. Shanmugasundaram1
27 Knowledge of Extension Professionals regarding Impact of Climate Change in Agriculture (125-129)
B. S. Ghanghas1, P. S. Shehrawat2  and M. S. Nain3
28 Psychological Characteristics Affecting the Adoption of Agricultural Technologies (130-132)
Seema Naberia1, U.S. Gautam2 & Aroop Kumar Gupta3
29 Perceived Utility of Information and Communication Technologies in Agricultural Extension System (133-138)
Raksha1, I Sreenivasa Rao2  and Shaik N Meera3
30 Critical Analysis of Information Sources and Channels Preferred by Vegetable Growers of Haryana. (139-141)
Gondkar Sachin. S.1, Chaudhary Pooja2 , Vister Joshi 3  and P. S. Sherawat 4
31 Adoption Behaviour of Saffron Growers in Pashtun Zarghon of Herat Province in Afghanistan (142-144)
Khwaja Mohd. Shafi Seddeqi1, J. P. Srivsatava2,  Dipak Kr. Bose3
32 Farmers Attitude Mapping Towards Kisan Mobile Advisory Services (145-147)
Sarvesh Kumar1 , SRK Singh2 and R. C. Sharma3
33 Constraint of Improved Rice Production Technology by the Farmers in Dungarpur District of Rajasthan (148-151)
Ram Lal Khatik1  and B. S. Bhimawat2
34 Training Need of Fish Farmers in Bishnupur District of Manipur: An Analysis (152-155)
B. Hijam1, D. K. Pandey2and  H K De3
35 Constraints Faced by the Mango Growers on Adoption of Recommended Plant Protection Measures (156-158)
Sayali Thakur1  and V. S. Shirke2
36 Evaluation of Front Line Demonstration on chickpea in Dewas District (159-161)
K S Bhargav1, Ankita Pandey2, R P Sharma3, Awdesh Singh4 and Manish Kumar5
37 Key Elements of Failure of the Enterprises Operated by the Women Entrepreneurs (162-164)
Swetha.M1, Jagan Mohan Reddy.M2, Sudharani.V3
38 Impact of Dairy Co-operative Society on the Knowledge Level of Dairy Farmers in Rajasthan (165-167)
N.K. Khyalia1  and M.P. Sagar2
39 Impact of the Interventions in Coconut Based Homesteads as Perceived by Small Farm Families of Central Kerala (168-171)
S. Helen1  and B. Shanmugasundaram2
40 Awareness Level of Poultry Husbandry Practices by the Poultry Farmers in Imphal West District of Manipur (172-174)
Manglemba Paonam1 and Daya Ram2