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1Links between Irrigation, Agriculture, Level of Living and Poverty Scenario in West Bengal
 Souvik Ghosh1, D. K. Panda2, A. K. Nayak3, P. Nanda4 and H. C. Verma5
2Impact of Vegetable Integrated Pest Management Farmer Field School Programme in Sub-Tropical Region of Jammu and Kashmir
 Rakesh Sharma1  and Rajinder Peshin2
3Experimenting with Farmers’ Capacity and Social Institutions Building for ensuring Village Level Seed Sufficiency: A Case of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L) in India
 Shantanu Kumar Dubey1, S. K. Singh2, S. N. Nigam3, Uma Sah4, M. Ali5, and A. S. Yadav6
4Gender Mainstreaming and Technology Application: An Appraisal of TANWA Project
 K. Ponnusamy1, Krishna Srinath2, S. Meenakshi3 and Geeta Saha4
5Perceived Effectiveness of Self Help Groups in Dairy Sector
 Sajesh V K 1
6Effectiveness of Mobile based Agro-Advisory Services in Addressing Information Need of the Stakeholders: A Case of m KRISHI®
 Madan Singh1, R. Roy Burman 2, J. P. Sharma 3, V. Sangeetha4 and Mir Asif Iquebal5
7Perception of Farmers and Kisan Call Centre Professionals towards Kisan Call Centre services in Agriculture: A Case of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India
 G. S. Mahra1, V. P. Sharma2, S. M. Raut3
8Co-management of Reservoir Fisheries for Sustainable Livelihoods: Insights for Fishery Managers and Extension Professionals from Field Studies in India
 L.K. Tyagi1, A.S. Bisht2 and Amar Pal3
9Impact of Improved Vegetable Technologies in Disadvantaged Districts of Uttar Pradesh
 Neeraj Singh1, Shubhadeep Roy2, B. Singh3  & A.B. Rai4
10Attitude of Agricultural Stakeholders on Use of Short Message Service (SMS) in Transfer of Technology
 V. Sangeetha1, R. Roy Burman2, S. K. Dubey3, J.P.Sharma4 and Ishwari Singh5
11Production Recommendations and Information Source Utilization of Rapeseed Mustard Growers in Sub-tropics of Kathua District in Jammu Division.
 P. S. Slathia1, Rakesh Nanda2, RajinderPeshin3, Laxmikant4, S. K. Gupta5, Rakesh Kumar 6 and Raj Kumar 7
12Effectiveness of Backward and Forward Linkages in Fruit Cultivation: A study of NERAMAC (North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited)
 Litan Das1, M. S. Nain2 , Rashmi Singh 3, R. Roy Burman4 and Anil Kumar5
13Socio- economic impact of Krishi Mahotsav on Beneficiary Farmers of Gujarat
 S.P.Pandya1, M. R. Prajapati2  and K. P. Thakar3
14Impact of National Training on Sorghum Cultivation for Value-addition
 Rajendra R Chapke1, VR Bhagwat2 and JV Patil3
15Perception of Seed technology Training among Farm Women
 Shobhana Gupta1, K. L. Dangi 2 and Shilpi Verma3
16Socio-economic Impact of Self Help Group on Members in Banaskantha District of Gujarat
 Raut Harshal Ramesh1, R. R. Prajapati2, Dhara M. Prajapati3  and M.R. Prajapati4
17Characterization of Livelihood Systems in Coral Ecosystem
 Anshida Beevi1 and Monika Wason2
18Adoption of chilli Production Technology Among the chilli Growers in Sehore District of Madhya Pradesh
 Abhilasha Sharma1 , Mukesh singh 2, S. N. Sharma3  and S. B. Tambe4
19Retrieval and Storage of Research Information by the Post Graduate Students of Kerala Agricultural University
 Shely Mary Koshy1 and Kishor Kumar N. 2
20Awareness and Attitude of Farmers towards Agro-forestry
 Satyendra Kumar Singh1, R. K. Doharey2, A. K. Singh3, Prakash Singh4 and Sandip Kumar Singh5
21Ergonomic Evaluation of Improved Grain Cleaning Technologies – Comparative Study of Traditional and Improved Tools
 Rashmi Shukla1  and S.R.K. Singh2
22Analyzing Constraints in Conflict Management in Wasteland Development Project
 M. Ullas¹, V. L. Madhu Prasad² and G. R. Pennobaliswamy³