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1Gender Roles in Crop and Animal Husbandry Practices and Household Activities with Respect to Changing Climate in Arid Ecosystem(1-3)
 Rajesh Bishnoi1, Premlata Singh2, S. K. Dubey 3 and V. Sangeetha4 
2Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Farmers in Imphal District of Manipur(4-7)
 Daya Ram1, N. Margaret2 and M. K. Singh3 
3Accessibility and Socio-economic Impact Assessment of Television in Rural Haryana(8-14)
 Preeti Singh1  and Seema Rani2 
4Correlates of Adoption of Package of Practices in Bt Cotton by the Farmers of Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh(15-17)
 Deepthi. V1, Hema. B2, Kiranmayi. K3 and Jyothi. V4 
5Activities and Institutional Mechanism of MNREGA and its Effectiveness in West Bengal(18-23)
 Shubhadeep Roy1, Baldeo Singh2, R.N. Padaria3  and Neeraj Singh4 
6Grass Root Constrictions in Implementation of MNREGA in West Bengal(24-27)
 Shubhadeep Roy1  , Baldeo Singh2, R. N. Padaria 3 and Neeraj Singh4 
7A Comparative Study of Performance of SHGs Promoted by NGO and Panchayat(28-31)
 Debabrata Mondal1  and Debabrata Basu2 
8Study of Perceived Constraints Faced By Women Self Help Group Entrepreneurs(32-34)
 Manveer Singh1, Basavaprabhu Jirli 2  and Ashok Rai 3 
9A Case Study of Dissemination of Pigeonpea Cultivation Technology in Hilly Areas of Uttarakhand(35-38)
 R. P. Sahu1  and M.P. Singh2 
10Constraints in Adoption of Mushroom Production Enterprise(39-41)
 Ashok Kumar Gautam1, Prakash Singh2, Dheeraj Mishra 3, Arun Kumar4 and Abhishek Pratap Singh5 
11Perception of Farmers and other Stakeholders about Merits and Demerits of Contract Farming(42-45)
 Arnab Biswas1, Baldeo Singh2 and Premlata Singh 3 
12Scientific Temperament of Farmers and Their Correlates(46-48)
 Alok Kumar1, C. Prasad2, B. P. Mishra3 and Triveni Dutt 4 
13Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge on Mushroom Cultivation(49-52)
 M P Sagar1, O.P.Ahlawat2 and B. Vijay3 
14Decision Making Ability of Chilli Growers of Chhindwara District of Madhya Pradesh(53-55)
 Shrankhala Mishra1, S.R.K.Singh2, D.K.Singh3, Sandeep Chouhan4 and N.Kumari5 
15Yield and Gap analysis of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Productivity in NCR of Delhi(56-58)
 Jitender Kumar1, Y. P. Singh2 and D. K. Rana3 
16Integrated Farming Systems Approach for Income Enhancement and Employment Generation in North-West India(59-62)
 Ravinder Singh1  and T. S. Riar2 
17Assessing the Potential of Decentralized Solar Energy for Livelihood Creation and Reducing Migration(63-68)
 Kumari Manisha1 and K. N. Krishnakumar2 
18Perception of Youths Towards Farming as Means of Livelihood(69-72)
 C. Satapathy1  and S. Panda2 
19Impact of e-Velanmai (e-Agriculture): An ICT Enabled Extension Approach(73-76)
 C. Karthikeyan1 and K.Mohanraj2 
20Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC): Farmers’ Perception(77-79)
 M. A. Dar1, Safeer Alam2, Jasvinder Kaur3, D. Ram4, Shafiqul Islam5 and A. M. Tantray6 
21Swot Analysis of the Self Help Groups(80-83)
 Lakhwinder Kaur1 and R. K. Kalra2 
22Relative Effectiveness of Selected Extension Teaching Methods for Imparting Knowledge about Poplar Cultivation to the Farmers(84-86)
 T. S. Riar1 and Rupinder Kaur2 
23Evaluation of Frontline Demonstrations on the Yield and Economic analysis of Summer Moong in Amritsar district of punjab(87-89)
 Rajni1, N P Singh2 and Paramjit Singh3 
24Constraints in Adoption of Improved Production Technology of Mandarin(90-92)
 R. M. Ghadge 1 
25Attitude of Farmers Towards Use of Combine Harvester(93-95)
 Lambe, S. P.1, P. K. Wakle2 and A. S. Gomase3 
26Communication Behaviour of Dairy Farmers in Hilly Areas(96-99)
 R. P. Sahu1 N. K. Singh2 and M. P. Singh3 
27Correlates of Farmers’ Knowledge of Recommended Water Productivity Practices(100-102)
 Hiwarkar, G. R.1, P. K. Wakle2, A. S. Gomase3 and Lambe, S. P.4 
28A Study on the Effect of Television in Comprehension of Organic Farming Technology(103-105)
 S K Nayak1,  K.K Saxena2 and D P Rai3 
29Adoption of Sprinkler Irrigation System by the Farmers in Gujarat(106-108)
 Akshaya Ghintala1, G. J. Patel2, Bansi Lal3 and Vijay Kumar4 
30Barriers to the Rural Women Empowerment(109-112)
 Arun Kumar1, Prakash Singh2, R. P. Sahu3, Khushbu Singh4, Ram Jiyawan5 and Pawan kumar6 
31Technological Gap in Adoption of Pulse Crop Production(113-115)
 Mahesh Pal1 , R. P. Singh2 and Mamta Singh3