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1Determinants of Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Vegetable Growers(1-4)
Shailesh Kumar¹, Gyanendra Sharma², K. Srinivas³ and V. K. Yadav4 
2Analysis of Technology Transfer Efficiency and Associated Socio-personal Variables Among the Fishery Extension Personnel in Kerala(5-11)
J. Charles Jeeva1, J. Vasanthakumar2 and S. Balasubramaniam3 
3Socio-economic, Psychological and Situational Causes of Suicides of Farmers in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra(12-18)
N. M. Kale1  
4Readability of Literature Supplied with Plant Protection Chemicals(19-23)
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6Effectiveness of Agri-Clinics in Promoting Paid Extension Services Among Farmers(28-33)
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7Participatory Watershed Development: A Case Study of Antisar Watershed in Gujarat State(34-39)
G. L. Bagdi1  and R. S. Kurothe2 
8Farmers’ Response Towards Technological Interventions Under Assessment and Refinement(40-45)
R. K. Singh1, S. K. Dubey2, R. P. Singh Ratan3 and D. Das Gupta4 
9Factors Affecting Communication Competency of Farmers in Banka District of Bihar(46-49)
B. K. Mandal1 and Dipak De2 
10Attitude and Perception of Farmers Towards e-Learning(50-53)
Renu Balakrishnan1, Monika Wason2, R. N. Padaria3, Premlata Singh4 and Eldho Varghese5 
11Sustaining and Impeding Factors of Microfinance Services for Micro-enterprises Development(54-57)
Ph. Romen Sharma1, Rashmi Singh 2, Shantanu Kumar Dubey 3 and Shridhar Patil 4 
12Indigenous Communication System in Kokana Tribes(58-62)
J. M. Gavit 1, M. C. Ahire 2 and S. H. Ban 3 
13Effectiveness of Training Aids Used by KVK Trainers(63-67)
Shobhana Gupta1 and K. L. Dangi2 
14Assessment of Rejuvenation Technology and Integrated Plant Nutrient Management in Old Guava Orchard through Farmers’ Participatory Approach(68-71)
S. K. Pandey1 and R. P. Singh2 
15Strengthening Transfer of Technology Among High Altitude Community of Ladakh(72-79)
Dorjey Angchok1 and R. B. Srivastava2 
16Analysis of Constraints in Adoption of Improved Production Technology of Mandarin Cultivation(80-82)
R. M. Ghadge1  
17Assessment of Adoption Gaps in Gobhi Sarson (Brassica Napus L.) Production Technologies in Amritsar and Tarntaran Districts of Punjab(83-85)
S S Walia1, Rajni2, Satpal Singh3, C S Aulakh4 and R S Gill5 
18Constraints Perceived in Adoption of Improved Practices of Small Scale Dairying: A Gender Analysis(86-89)
Jyoti Yadav1, Hema Tripathi2 and Anirudha Kumar3 
19Problems of Weavers Cooperative Societies in Odisha – A Critical Analysis(90-95)
Shradhanjali Mohapatra1 
20Case Study on Communication Behavior of Women SHGs Promoted By Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation(96-101)
Kumari Manisha1 and K. N. Krishnakumar2 
21Constraints Faced by the Farmers in Getting Agriculture Technology Information Under ATMA in Western Region of Rajasthan(102-106)
Nisha Chouhan1,  Chitra Henry2  and  Dilip Kumar Solanki3 
22Role of Women in Poultry Rearing Amongst Resource-poor Mixed Farming Families(107-112)
M. L. Roy1 and K. S. Kadian2 
23Impact of Pre-and Post-harvest Technological Interventions and Social Mobilization on Area-Expansion of Mango in Tribal area of Odisha(113-116)
H. S. Singh1  
24Assessment of Integrated Plant Nutrient Management in Tomato through Farmers Participatory Approach(117-120)
S. K. Pandey1, G. D. Nigam2,  R. P. Singh3, A. P. Dwivedi4 and S. R. K. Singh 5 
25Agroforestry System in Saharanpur and Aligarh Districts of Uttar Pradesh: A Socio-economic Analysis(121-125)
R. P. Dwivedi1, K. Kareemulla2 and R. H. Rizvi3 
26Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Constraints Encountered by Dairy and Poultry Entrepreneurs in Jammu Division of J&K State(126-129)
Bhavana Gupta1, S. K. Kher2,  and M. S. Nain3 
27Analysis of Adoption Gaps and their Causes in Major Crops Grown in Basti District of Uttar Pradesh(130-135)
Shalender Kumar Chaudhary 1, Dan Singh 2 , R. P Singh3 , D. K. Singh4, R. N.Yadav5 and H. L. Singh6 
28Socio-Economic Status of Pomegranate Growers under National Horticulture Mission (NHM) in Solapur District and Constraints Faced by Them.(136-139)
T. S. Waghmode 1,  M. C. Ahire 2 and S. H. Ban 3 
29Capacity Building of Rural Women in Dairy Farming : An Impact Assessment(140-142)
Akila N1  and Senthilvel K2 
30Socio-economic Study of Small Farmers of Jammu and Kashmir(143-148)
Parveen Kumar1 and M. S. Nain2 
31A Study on Constraints in People’s Participation in Integrated Watershed Development(149-153)
Tushar Athare1, Baldeo Singh2, Vishnu Gouda3 and B. K. Singh4 
32Symbolic Adoption of Livestock Based Technologies After Termination of NAIP(154-156)
K. L. Dangi1 and Ramesh Kumar Damor2 
33Constraints Faced by the Members of Dairy Co-operative Societies in Receiving the Services of Dairy Union(157-159)
Shivpal Kumhar1, Sangram Singh2 and M. K. Jangid3 
34Livestock Disease and Health Care Facility in Sundarbans Delta of India(160-163)
Samares Kumar Das1  and Hema Tripathi2 
35A Study of Training Preferences in Rice Cultivation in Jammu District of J&K State(164-166)
Yogesh Kumar1 and M. S. Nain2