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1Formulation of Group Dynamics Effectiveness Index and Steps to Mobilise Users Group for Participatory Water Management1-5
 Souvik Ghosh1, Prabhakar Nanda2 and Ashwani Kumar3 
2Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Community Based Biodiversity Conservation in Eastern Himalayas: Learning with Monpa Tribe6-14
 Ranjay K. Singh1, Monpa Community2 and C. B. Pandey3 
3Farmers Knowledge and Adoption of Aflatoxin Management Practices in Groundnut Farming15-20
 GD Satish Kumar1 and MN Popat2 
4Livestock Diseases and Health Care Facilities in Sundarbans Delta of India21-24
 Samares Kumar Das1 and Hema Tripathi2 
5Management Regimes and Institutional Arrangement in Floodplain Wetlands Fisheries of Assam: An Evaluation25-31
 Ganesh Chandra1 
6Drudgery Reduction for Farm Women: An Ergonomic Assessment of Improved Agricultural Tools and Implements32-36
 Premlata  Singh1, Jogender  Singh2 and Rahul3 
7Motivational Factors Influencing the Formation of Rythu Mitra Groups37-42
 Venkataramulu, Manti1 and Ram Bahal2 
8Satisfaction and Constraints in Accessing Services of Soya Choupal: A Case of Madya Pradesh43-47
 Chandru, A.1, Vijayaragavan, K.2 and Jaganathan, D.3 
9Evaluation of Course Content of Mushroom Cultivation Technology Training Programme for Farmers48-52
 M.P. Sagar1 
10Adoption of Dairy Farmers Regarding Breeding and Management Practices of Buffalo Husbandry53-60
 Karamjit Sharma1  and  S.P. Singh2 
11Farmers Experiences on Evaluation Bt Cotton in Tamil Nadu61-67
 S. Usha Rani1 and  G. Selvaraj2 
12Impact of Integrated Village Development Project (IVDP) on Income Consumption and Employment in Tribal Area of Southern Rajasthan68-72
 Rajesh Kumar Godara1, D.C. Panth 2 and S.S. Burark3 
13Identifying the Determinants of Poverty in Rural and Urban India73-77
 G.K. Jha 1, N. Sivaramane 2, R. N. Padaria3, N.P. Singh4 and Ranjit Kumar 5 
14Training Need Assessment of Vegetable Farmers in Bundi District of Rajasthan78-83
 M.K. Poonia1 and B.L. Dhaka2 
15Market-led Extension in Mid-hills of North West Himalayas: Experiences and Impact84-89
 S.R.K. Singh1, K. Srinivas2 , Mukesh Kumar 3, N.K. Hedau4 and U.S.Gautam5 
16Gender Participation in Vegetable Cultivation in Kashmir Valley90-83
 S. H. Baba1, S. A. Ganaie2, Musavir Yousuf3, Shoaib Yousuf4 
17Demographic and Psychological Characteristics of Tribal Farmers Towards Soil and Water Conservation Technologies–A Case Study of Nandurbar District of Maharashtra96-99
 G. L. Bagdi1 
18Persuasion of Farmers Toward Kinnow Cultivation100-104
 Kuldeep Singh Brar1 and K.L. Dangi2 
19Entrepreneurial Orientation of Garlic Producers105-110
 Pawan Sharma1, M. M. Patel2 and V. B. Singh3 
20Awareness of Farmers Related Crop Production Technology in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh111-114
 D.K. Singh1, U.S. Gautam2, S.R.K. Singh 3and N.K. Patle4 
21Technological Gap in Adoption of Recommended Wheat Production Practices115-117
 S.N. Soni1 and S.S. Thakur2 
22Causes for Non-Adoption of Post Tsunami Rice Cultivation Practices118-121
 B. Shanmugasundaram 1 and K.A. Ponnusamy 2 
23Training Needs of Farm Women in Vegetables Cultivation in Hilly Areas122-123
 R.P. Sahu1, V.K. Sachan,2   Raman Jeet Singh3 and Khilendra Singh4 
24Farm Women Livelihood in Maize Production and Utilization in Bihar124-127
 Usha Singh1 and Shilpi2 
25Association Between Profile Characteristics and the Level of Aspiration of Women Dry Fish Wholesalers128-132
 P.S. Swathi Lekshmi 1and A.P. Dineshbabu 2 
26Assessment of Technological  Gap and  Performance of Combined Management Approach for Pod Borer in Chickpea133-140
 R.P. Singh¹, Mahesh  Pal², A.P. Dwivedi³, Mamta  Singh4, V. Dwivedi5   and  D. R. Singh6