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1Reasons for Practicing and Not Practicing Organic Farming as Perceived by Farmers(1-6)
 D. Jaganathan1, Ram Bahal2  and R.N. Padaria3 
2Farming System of Small and Marginal Farmers in Rainfed Areas(7-10)
 Kumaran, M.1  and J. Vasanthakumar2 
3Socio-economic Attributes and Training Needs of Apple Growers of Kashmir Valley(11-14)
 Abdul Majid Tantray1, D.Ram2  and Nasreen Jahan3 
4Impact of Dairy Cooperatives on Quality of Life Parameters: Gender Analysis(15-20)
 Punam K. Yadav 1 and  Indu  Grover2 
5Production Constraints of Animal Based Farming Enterprises in Coastal India(21-25)
 K. Ponnusamy1 
6Media Exposure of the Farmers in Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh(26-30)
 D.K. Singh1, U.S. Gautam2, Mukesh Singh 3  and R.P. Singh 4 
7Motivational Factors and Constraint Analysis Regarding Commercial Production of Mateera (Citrulus lanatus) in Hot Arid Ecosystem(31-37)
 S.R. Meena1, R.S. Singh2, O.P. Awasthi3 and T.A. More4 
8Extent of Knowledge of Vegetable Growers about the Side Effects of  Pesticides(38-42)
 B.K.Gupta1, Dipak De2, P. Raha3 
9Water Management in Rice-Wheat Cropping System in Indo-Gangetic Plains(43-47)
 U.S. Gautam1, S.S. Singh 2 and D.K. Singh 3 
10Rural Envoirment vis-a-vis Buffalo Husbandry: A Factor Analysis(48-52)
 V.B. Dixit1, A. Bharadwaj2, S.N Laharia3 
11Entrepreneurial Behaviour and their Correlates among Dairy Entrepreneurs in Northern India(53-61)
 Ajay Kumar Shah1,  Nishi2 , B.S. Malik3 and V.K. Yadav4 
12Analysis of Training Effectiveness of Handloom Weaving and Value Addition(62-66)
 Sangeeta  Deo1, Smriti Rekha Sarkar2  and Animesh Sil3 
13Status of Crop and Livestock Insurance Schemes in Punjab(67-72)
 Lopamudra Mohapatra1 R.K. Dhaliwal2 and H.S Dhaliwal3 
14Social Benefit–Cost Ratio of the Interventions in the Coconut Based Homesteads of Central Kerala(73-77)
 S. Helen1 and B. Shammugasundaram2 
15Social Benefit–Cost Ratio of the Interventions in the Coconut BasedHomesteads of Central Kerala(78-82)
 S. Helen1 and B. Shammugasundaram2 
16Assessment of Farmer Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Sunderbans Ecosystem(83-89)
 Sujit  Sarkar1, R.N. Padaria2, N. Sivaramane3 and K. Vijayragavan4 
17Constraints of Linkages Among University Research-Extension and Farmers in  India and Ethiopia : A Critical Analysis(90-94)
 Helen. K.S.1, Premlata Singh2, Vijayaragvan. K3 
18Sources and Extent of Stress as Perceived By the Faculty Members in Two Agricultural  Colleges  in  Karnataka- A Study(95-98)
 Praveen kumar, B.R.1, K. Venkata Ranga Naika.2 and B.S. Siddaramiah3 
19E–Learning in Extension Systems: Empirical Study in Agricultural Extension in India(99-106)
 Meera Shaik N1  , Arun Kumar S2  , Amtul Waris3, Vara Prasad C4, Muthuraman P5,  Mangal Sain6 and Viraktamath BC7 
20Training Needs of Rythu Mitra Group Member in Bt. Cotton Cultivation(107-111)
 Venkataramulu, Manti 1 and Ram Bahal2 
21A Scale to Measure Attitude of Dairy Personnel towards the Organizational Processes of COMPFED(112-115)
 S. R. K. Singh1, Ram Chand2, U.S.Gautam3 and D.K.Singh4 
22Socio-economic Impact of “Wheat Seed –Village” in Madhya Pradesh(116-121)
 A.K. Singh1, H.N. Pandey2 and S.V. Saiprasad3 
23Success  Stories  Developed, Indigenous  Technologies  Identified  and Innovative  Methodology  Adopted  by  KVK  Pulwama.(122-125)
 F.A. Misgar1, Afshan Gul2, Tabasum Ara3  and Amit Kumar4 
24Infrastructural  Facilities  Development  in  Krishi  Vigyan  Kendras  in Rajasthan-A  Comparative  Assessment(126-128)
 B.S. Meena¹ & Baldeo Singh² 
25Effect of Front Line Demonstrations on Yield of Field Pea in Ghazipur District of Uttar Pradesh(129-131)
 A.P. Diwedi1, V. Diwedi2, R.P. Singh3, Mamta Singh4 and D.R. Singh5 
26Knowledge of Improved Cultivation Practices of Rose Grown by the Farmers of Khamnor Panchayat Samiti District of Rajsamand, Rajasthan(132-134)
 Rajesh Kumar Meena1, M.S. Chauhan2 and B. Upadhyay3 
27Knowledge Gap about Organic Farming Practices of Farmers of Bageshwar District of Uttarakhand(135-136)
 R.P. Sahu1, Raman Jeet Singh2  and Khilendra Singh3